Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Legend of Greyhound Hollow

Okay that subject may be a tad sick considering the circumstances, but so be it. It seems rather appropriate. I should have written about this in a more timely way but I just have not been compelled to write lately. I haven't been "feeling" it, if you will. I must mention this: writing up research reports for studies performed is probably the most unfun writing imaginable, so it's quite understandable that I have felt at least somewhat burned out on it. Keep in mind that not indenting by 0.5 inches on the second and any subsequent lines per reference cited on the references page is VERBOTEN. The APA can suck a chode.

So moving on to this light topic (hah, oh boy), I read the most fucked up headline in the longest time (if not ever) last Friday morning at about 6:15. I had just woke up from my alarm and had had about five to six hours of sleep, not normally bad for me, but needless to say, I basically had a scowl crossing my face and I couldn't open my eyes much further than a Clint Eastwood-like squint. I opened my internet browser to check my email and naturally my iGoogle pops up since its my homepage and I glanced at the headlines, expecting "John McCain blasts Obama for this" or "Miley Cyrus in new controversy for showing some of her thigh" but instead I'm treated with the following:

"Man beheaded on Greyhound bus"

In my barely awake stupor I thought that I had somehow stumbled upon the Onion's website or something equally unreal, but I read the story out of curiosity and while I was fascinated I actually felt physically sick. Basically these two guys, never knew each other, were sitting next to each other on the bus and all of a sudden with what was described as "a combination of a dog yelping and a baby screaming" there was this terrible yowl from their area when the older gentleman, some Asian guy, started stabbing this young (apparently carnival worker) with this big-ass hunting knife. Of course everyone panics and gets off the bus but later on when some people with makeshift weapons got back on to try to subdue the dude, he turns around and presents this young guy's severed head like a fucking trophy. After they got back off the bus, he started cutting up the body more. The most disturbing part is actually that there was no previous altercation: the guy just pulled out the knife and started stabbing "like he was a robot" a witness said. Didn't feel a goddamn thing.

Now I'm pretty sure that the media coverage of this, especially since it has dwindled some, will be minimal at this point. Which is good. But since this guy who did this is older, they probably won't try to blame any outside source like video games, music, or whatever. And as entertaining as it would be to see some "moralist" pundits (or as I like to call them "antiquated dinosaurs who want it to be 1953 again") will try to connect this to Grand Theft Auto IV or the new Nas album, it's refreshing that they have kept silent. They're just too concerned about that amorphus and nebulous innocent and pure creature known as "the children." As the late and great George Carlin said in response to this concern over our little ones, "Fuck the children!"

I'm hoping true experts in the field of clinical psychology will be around to figure this guy out. What made him snap like that? Did he have history of homicidal or at least violent behavior? Was he abused as a kid? Will he turn out to be simply a psychopathic sexual sadist (most likely) who was born this way and simply developed into the fucked up dude that decaptitated a carnie? In short, I wouldn't hold my breath to have these questions answered, but I hope there is at least some effort to report them. That's why I am going to keep a vigil over over the next year because hopefully an entry will be made about this "Vince Weiguang Li" character. Yes this is a horrific (jesus fucking christ yes it's horrific) tragedy, but this is the kind of shit that needs to be understood. And not enough effort is made to look into this stuff.