Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Denial is, as a character in a movie I saw once said, the human being's most predictable of responses. That may be so, but sometimes it is shocking that such a thing could exist about certain subjects that have been proven time and time again.

I'm taking a break from work (not too long of one you understand) to express contempt (and not a new thing for me, I know) for not just this person but the entire subset of people in this country and in the world that believe that the Holocaust was a fabrication and that over 11 million people didn't perish in unthinkable ways. How fucking dare they.

Seriously. How dare they? It is almost 20-fucking-10. Countless documents and testimonies from the surviving victims AND perpetrators were taken over 60 years ago. What gives these people this warped and perverted notion that none of these things are reality? They must think that when they watch The Matrix movies, they think they're watching a fucking documentary; that is seriously the only explanation I can think of, to describe their persistent mindset of repulsive hatred and bigotry and, most importantly, denial. What possessed them to reach that point of ignorance? That's what I want to know. I wish I could somehow know these things; why do these people still exist? Not the old anti-Semitic senile farts that exist; I have no quarrel with them, as they will be worm food soon enough (if they're not already). It is the younger generations that deny these truths. How can they possibly and realistically and even morally cope with the notion that the most monumentally evil event in human history never actually took place? As I have said twice now, how fucking dare they? Sadly the answer is most likely as simple as their denial (putting aside an anti-Semitic household they were likely brought up in): they are ignorant. And ignorance is fundamentally the most attractive mindset in a country based on free-speech (as well as many other things); it is easy to be ignorant and only agree with one side of an argument and to be uneducated and to look down upon the intellectual minority. And sadly, therein lies my problem with the notion of free speech.

Free speech is great; do not get me wrong. It is what makes living here amazing (and lets me say the fucked up and, yes, hateful things that I say). The issue is that the wrong people make reprehensible use of free speech; I have made jokes that the stupid and the ignorant should not be aloud to vote (check out the Sarah Palin rally videos on Youtube from last year's campaign). But when I see a comment on the message boards for a news story that deny the Holocaust (and not just deny it; making a well-worded "explanation" as to what the Final Solution was, something far more disturbing to me than an all-caps rant involving the words "kike" and "heeb." Remember, the anti-Semites that should create concern are not the ones that said Hitler was right, but the ones that say Hitler was stupid), I think to myself the perils of free speech and cannot help but feel that a dictatorship in the name of things just and rational would solve all our problems where the stupid and ignorant simply have no civil rights if they wish to propagate their lies and ignorant thoughts into the public sphere. Then my rage subsides and I remember that these people are indeed on the so-called fringe and they do believe in the veracity of The Matrix (and possibly Star Wars). However, the fact that people like this still exist is no less disturbing.